More Holiday, Less Planning

Booking a self-catering holiday rental has many advantage. Some of those include the luxury of getting up when you want and enjoying breakfast, or any meal for that matter, in your pyjamas!

Unfortunately it also means having to do a bit of food shopping, which isn’t high on anyone’s list of fun things to do when it comes to planning a holiday or arriving at a holiday destination!

The Boshoff has good news!

We offer our guests several convenient Kitchen Starter Packages to purchase before their arrival. We purchase the items listed in the chosen package and the kitchen is stocked for your enjoyment and comfort before your holiday even starts!

Our Kitchen Starter Packages have been carefully selected to cater for our many different guests’ needs. From the Mini Starter for the short-stay guest with basic needs, to the Deluxe package that includes most items that will make an extended stay feel like home!

Take Advantage of The Boshoff's Kitchen Starter

Mini Starter

Ideal package for short stay visitors who want the most essential food items to be available when they arrive to make the most out of their limited time in Durban.


Ideal for guests who want slightly more than just the essentials for two nights, but who don't want to waste time finding groceries & treats.


Ideal package for guests booked for more than 2 nights who need at least 2 meals, soft drinks and snacks per day.


Ideal package for guests booked for more than 2 nights who want the kitchen to offer choices for most meals, as well as soft drinks, snacks & frozen treats.