Bluff Nature Reserve

Bluff Nature Reserve

Bluff Nature Reserve officially opened on the 24 October 1974. It consists of 45 ha, offering a large pan and adjacent forest. The pan is a home and a refuge for many water birds and waders.

The reserve is a mere 5.1km from The Boshoff making it an ideal picnic spot away from the hustle and bustle of daily city life. 

Bluff Nature Reserve – Important Information

Gate opening and closing times

Summer: 7h00 – 17h00 Winter: 7h00 – 17h00

Entrance Fee

  • R20 Adults
  • R10 Children

Office hours

There is no office at Bluff Nature Reserve, but a field ranger is on duty during the day.


  • Bird Watching (Hide)
  • Picnicking
  • Walking (Self-Guided) – About 90min walk


Within the reserve is a car park that can accommodate about 12 cars if everyone parks sensibly and a small picnic area with two built in braais and 4 picnic tables. The picnic area is mostly shaded and provides a great spot for lunch. If you don’t have the time to braai but would still like to visit the area, the local mall is about a kilometer away and has all the usual establishments so that a quick and easy lunch can be arranged. There are two bird hides along the edge of the pan and provide excellent bird viewing opportunities for visitors. Spoonbills and cormorants nest in the edges of the reedbeds in late winter and spring. There is one self guided trail in the reserve that leads visitors around the pan and offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the diverse water-bird life in the reserve.

Animals and Birds in the reserve

bluff nature reserveThe main attraction at the reserve is birdwatching and a complete bird list is available from the field ranger. Various mammals have been recorded in the reserve, including giant musk shrew, hottentot golden mole, velvet monkey, multimamate mouse, grey climbing mouse, angoni vlei rat, common rodent mole, large spotted genet, banded mongoose, and slender mongoose.